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Cardmatix was established in 2002 to focus on the manufacturing of equipment for the production and testing of contact, contactless & dual interface smart cards for the world market.

We are headquartered in a 4000m2 R&D and manufacturing facility with a staff of about eighty employees, located one hour from Hong Kong, in DongGuan, China.


Product Design: 
Our design goal is   a balance of speed, features, and reliability, at a price you can afford backed up by an experienced customer support team.


We believe that satisfying your end card customers should guide our product design.

We know that your success depends on providing cards at a good price, with short lead times - while keeping shipping dates firm, and not making mistakes.


Durable, high speed machines engineered for easy maintenance and years of reliable service.

Engineering Performance: 
With over a decade of of experience, our engineers and technical support staff are proud that they have earned a reputation for reliable products and strong ongoing technical support.


Today, leading card makers trust Cardmatix  equipment to build and maintain their reputations for supplying high quality smart cards.

Our customers know that we do whatever it takes to make sure their equipment performs at its peak when they need it most.



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